A dynamic visual tool to enhance campaign messaging and engagement.

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Midjourney - Our verdict

A dynamic visual tool to enhance campaign messaging and engagement. Definitely the best out there in terms of photorealistic output, prompting can take a long time to refine and Discord confusing for first time users. So there is a learing curve.

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What are the use cases for campaigners?

Midjourney is an innovative tool for campaigners and activists seeking to elevate their causes through fresh, engaging and creative visuals. Here are some key takeaways:

Campaign Visuals in Seconds

  • Swiftly generate compelling campaign visuals and translate concise text prompts into images to enhance your messaging.
  • Master the /imagine command for efficient translation of campaign ideas into images.
  • Craft prompts that encapsulate your campaign messaging for dynamic visual representation.

Accessible Discord Interface

  • Utilise the Discord interface for collaborative image creation.
  • Facilitate easy discussions and collaboration among your campaign team.

Campaign-Specific Channels for Collaborative Content Creation

  • Establish dedicated channels on the Midjourney server for your campaign team.
  • Streamline communication and collaboration on image creation within Discord.
  • Allow team members to contribute to the visual aspects of your project.

Strategic Image Selection and Tailored Enhancements

  • Use the image selection and variation features to pick visuals aligning with your campaign goals.
  • Explore enhancement tools for modifying and refining campaign visuals.
  • Vary styles, zoom, pan, and favourite images to create personalised content.

Direct Messaging for Privacy

  • Use direct messaging with the Midjourney Bot for private discussions and personalisation of visuals.
  • Ensure sensitive campaign information is shared securely.

By incorporating Midjourney into your campaign plan, you can streamline the visual storytelling process, making it a dynamic and efficient tool for crafting compelling narratives.

How do I use it?

Follow the links below for inspiration, hot takes and helpful tips:

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Who’s behind it?

Midjourney is powered by a small team of 11, passionately delving into the wide and nuanced scapes of design, human infrastructure, and AI.

How much does it cost?

With flexible options, choose a Midjourney subscription plan aligned with your campaign's content needs.