Amplify your message with elegance through AI-generated videos.

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HeyGen - Our verdict

Amplify your message with elegance through AI-generated videos. Some videos can be a bit jumpy and it's very clear they are AI - which may be a good thing!

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What are the use cases for campaigners?

Campaign Videos for Web and Social Media:

  • Leverage HeyGen's camera-free video production for dynamic campaign content.
  • Share stories and calls to action using diverse voices and engaging scripts.
  • Tailor messages and counter resource limitations with unique avatars.
  • Access a range of templates for varied content creation.

Educational Content

  • Enhance learning and development programs with multilingual training videos, utilising AI-powered translation features.

How do I use it?

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Who’s behind it?

Founded by Joshua Xu and Wayne Liang, HeyGen (fka Movio) was established in 2020 and unveiled to the public in 2022.


What does it cost?

HeyGen offer multiple subscription plans suited to your needs and resources, ranging from a free plan to a more bespoke 'Enterprise' package.