Hootsuite's 'OwlyWriter AI'

Elevate your campaign strategies through social media with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite's 'OwlyWriter AI'
Photo by James Lee / Unsplash

OwlyWriter AI - Our verdict

Elevate your campaign strategies through social media with Hootsuite. Super helpful if you already use Hootsuite.

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What are the use cases for campaigners?

Content Creation and Engagement:

  • Work with AI to generate compelling slogans, captions and taglines.
  • Enhance community engagement through streamlined responses, utilising a unified 'social media' inbox and automated features.

Time Management

  • Let AI help you out with generating and sharing posts whilst you're away, through enabling access to your content calendar. All posts will need approval before they ultimately get published, so you and your team will still have control over your work.


  • Strategise campaign activities and initiatives based on real-time data.
  • Assess content performance, focusing on engagement and financial impact, while comparing your organisation's achievements with peers in your sector.

How do I use it?

Here are some useful links to help you incorporate Hootsuite into your campaign workflow:

Who's behind it?

Founded in 2008, Hootsuite is a leading name in social media management, dedicated to serving those who wish to use technology in thoughtful and impactful ways.

Also, they offer education and discounts of up to 75% off eligible nonprofits!

What does it cost?

Whilst Hootsiute offer a free monthlong trial, they have a tiered pricing structure that ranges from 'Professional', 'Team' and 'Enterprise' depending on your needs.