Google Bard

Your AI ally in crafting compelling messages to amplify impact and reach.

Google Bard
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Google Bard - Our verdict

Your AI ally in crafting compelling messages to amplify impact and reach. So far not great results, however do not write it off. One to watch.

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What are the use cases for campaigners?

Bard serves as a Google AI experiment crafted to explore creative concepts and simplify explanations. It possesses the ability to generate text, translate languages, and produce diverse content. Bard operates by responding to prompts, drawing on learned patterns from a vast array of words, and continually learns from user interactions.

Google Bard is a great tool for individuals and organisations incorporating AI into their campaign strategies. Here are some ways in which you can integrate this tool into your workflow:

Education and Awareness:

  • Develop clear explanations of campaign goals and issues to enhance public understanding.
  • Craft educational content to raise awareness about key topics central to the campaign.

Language Translation:

  • Translate materials into multiple languages for broader reach.
  • Ensure inclusivity by making information accessible to diverse linguistic communities.

Content Creation and Engagement for Social Media:

  • Seek inspiration for compelling slogans, taglines, or messaging to enhance campaign visibility.
  • Soundboard creative ideas for events, initiatives, or promotional material.


  • Use Bard to simplify and explain complex policy issues in an accessible manner.

Planning Campaign Strategy:

  • Engage in brainstorming and outlining strategic plans for campaign activities and initiatives.
  • Generate ideas for effective storytelling to captivate and mobilise supporters.

It's crucial to remember that while Bard is a valuable tool, its use should be complemented with human judgment and ethical considerations in activism and campaigning.

How do I use it?

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Who’s behind it?

Google is a global technology company. Their conversational chatbot, Bard was launched in 2023. Sources here.

What does it cost?

While it's free to use, there are additional features with varying price models, dependent on whether you're a 'common user', business or organisation.