The 'mothership' of LLMs being used for many campaigns.

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ChatGPT - Our veridict

The 'mothership' of LLMs being used for many campaigns. So many use cases it's an essential tool in our view.

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What are the use cases for campaigners?

ChatGPT is quickly becoming a key tool for those who use AI in their campaigning efforts. Here are the main ways we've seen campaigners use it so far:

  • Email Content for Advocacy and Fundraising:
    • Creating initial drafts from a basic outline to tackle writer's block.
    • Generating different versions of messages to find out which one works best.
    • Enhancing the grammar and language used in emails.
    • Coming up with new ideas for email content.
    • Targeting versions for different audience types.
  • Social Media Content:
    • Generating ideas for tweets and social media posts.
    • Producing a variety of ideas for testing both in free posts and paid ads.
  • General Text Editing:
    • Writing speeches.
    • Crafting press releases.
    • Composing blog posts.
  • Analysis:
    • Analysing the emotions or sentiment in social media comments.
    • Analysing survey responses.
  • Custom GPTs:
    • Build your own GPT to be an expert in your campaign tasks. All you have to do is tell the GPT builder, in plain English, what you want to create, and the builder will take it from there. 

ChatGPT is a vast tool so there are tons of other use cases with a growing array of new features being added almost weekly. The paid version includes many more features including built in Code Interpreter, DALL·E 3, Browsing, voice and image capabilities, and more.

How do I use it?

There is a wealth of information on how to use ChatGPT; we have distilled this down to a few general and sector specific links to get you started:

How to use ChatGPT

How to write a fundraising appeal with ChatGPT

Analyzing Survey Data with ChatGPT-4 and Code Interpreter for Nonprofits

How to build your own custom ChatGPT with OpenAI's GPT builder

Who’s behind it?

OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence (AI) organisation consisting of the non-profit OpenAI, Inc. registered in Delaware and its for-profit subsidiary corporation OpenAI Global, LLC. OpenAI started as a non-profit but has transitioned to a for-profit organisation with a notable partnership with Microsoft. Sources here.

What does it cost?

ChatGPT price varies depending on which of the three tiers you choose – the free plan, ChatGPT Plus, or ChatGPT Enterprise. The API also has a different pricing model.